Best Suspension for Harley Touring: Ultimate Comfort and Control for Your Ride

Efficiently navigating the open roads on your Harley Touring bike requires a reliable suspension system to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Finding the best suspension for Harley Touring is crucial for enhancing your overall riding experience and handling performance. In this comprehensive guide, we will review top-notch suspension options tailored specifically for Harley Touring models, allowing you to make an informed decision based on performance, durability, and value. Dive into our expert reviews and buying guide to discover the ideal suspension solution that suits your riding style and preferences.

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Understanding the Suspension System for Harley Touring

The suspension system is a critical component of Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles, designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride over a variety of road conditions. Harley Touring bikes typically come equipped with a dual-shock rear suspension system and a telescopic front fork setup, offering a balance of comfort and performance.

The rear suspension on Harley Touring models features adjustable air shocks, allowing riders to customize the level of cushioning and support based on their preference and riding conditions. This adjustable feature is especially beneficial for long-distance riders looking to optimize comfort during extended journeys.

Upgrading the suspension on a Harley Touring bike can greatly enhance the overall riding experience, improving handling, stability, and ride quality. Aftermarket suspension components such as premium shocks, fork cartridges, and progressive rate springs can be installed to tailor the bike’s suspension characteristics to suit individual riding styles and preferences.

Proper maintenance of the suspension system is essential for preserving optimal performance and ride quality. Regular inspection of shock absorbers, fork seals, and fluid levels is recommended to ensure safe and efficient operation of the suspension components on Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles.

Best Suspension For Harley Touring

01. Progressive Suspension 944 Series Ultra Touring Shocks

Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the Progressive Suspension 944 Series Ultra Touring Shocks offer an unparalleled riding experience. These shocks provide a smooth, comfortable ride while maintaining excellent control and stability on various road surfaces. The adjustable design allows riders to customize the settings to suit their preferences, enhancing overall comfort and performance.

Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, these shocks deliver reliable performance and durability. Riders can expect improved handling and reduced fatigue on long trips, making the Progressive Suspension 944 Series a great investment for upgrading their touring bike’s suspension system. With easy installation and a noticeable difference in ride quality, these shocks are a top choice for riders seeking a premium touring experience.


  • Improved ride quality
  • Superior handling and control
  • Adjustable pre-load settings
  • Reduced bottoming out
  • Enhanced stability at high speeds
  • Easy installation process


  • Price may be higher compared to other suspension options.
  • Installation may require professional expertise and tools.

02. Ohlins HD 159 Rear Shock

Featuring outstanding performance and durability, the Ohlins HD 159 Rear Shock is a top-tier suspension upgrade for motorcycle enthusiasts. Crafted with precision engineering, this shock absorber offers unparalleled control and stability, enhancing the overall riding experience on various terrains. The high-quality construction and advanced damping technology ensure smooth and responsive handling, making it a standout choice for riders seeking optimal comfort and performance.

With its easy installation process and customizable settings, the Ohlins HD 159 Rear Shock allows riders to tailor their suspension preferences for a personalized and comfortable ride. The sleek design and premium materials exude quality and reliability, emphasizing Ohlins’ commitment to delivering top-notch products for the avid motorcyclist.


  • Superior damping performance
  • Adjustable ride height and preload
  • Increased stability and control
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Improved handling and comfort


  • Expensive price point.
  • Limited availability for certain motorcycle models.

03. Legends Aero Air Suspension

The Legends Aero Air Suspension is a game-changer for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking the ultimate riding experience. Boasting advanced technology and precision engineering, this suspension system effortlessly improves the overall comfort and stability of your bike. The adjustable air springs allow for customizable performance, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride on any terrain.

With its durable construction and easy installation process, the Legends Aero Air Suspension is a must-have upgrade for riders looking to enhance their bike’s handling and responsiveness. Say goodbye to rough rides and hello to a new level of comfort and performance with this top-of-the-line suspension system.


  • Improved ride comfort and quality.
  • Adjustable ride height for different driving conditions.
  • Enhanced vehicle stability and handling.
  • Better towing and hauling capabilities.
  • Improved overall driving experience and control.


  • High initial investment cost
  • Potential maintenance and repair costs
  • Limited availability for certain vehicle models

04. Race Tech G3-S Custom Shocks

Race Tech G3-S Custom Shocks deliver unparalleled performance on the track or trail. With adjustable compression and rebound damping, these shocks provide precision tuning for any terrain. The attention to detail in construction results in exceptional durability and smooth operation, giving riders confidence in their suspension system.

Riders seeking superior handling and control will appreciate the custom-tailored design of Race Tech G3-S Shocks. The high-quality materials and advanced engineering ensure a comfortable and responsive ride, enhancing overall performance and cornering stability. Upgrade your suspension with Race Tech G3-S Custom Shocks for a competitive edge in your next race or off-road adventure.


  • Customizable settings for optimal performance
  • Improved handling and stability
  • Enhanced comfort and ride quality
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Precision engineering for superior performance
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Expensive compared to other shock options.
  • May require professional installation and tuning expertise.

05. Wilbers WESA 131 Remote Reservoir Shocks

With the Wilbers WESA 131 Remote Reservoir Shocks, my motorcycle’s suspension performance has been transformed. The remote reservoir design enhances damping capabilities, providing a smoother and more controlled ride over various terrains. The adjustable features allow for customization based on riding preferences, making it versatile for different riding styles.

Installation was straightforward, and the build quality is top-notch, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The improved handling and stability I experienced after upgrading to these shocks have significantly enhanced my overall riding experience, making these shocks a worthwhile investment for any motorcycle enthusiast looking to upgrade their suspension system.


  • Improved shock absorption and damping performance.
  • Adjustable rebound and compression settings.
  • Reduced heat buildup during prolonged use.
  • Enhanced overall stability and handling.
  • Increased durability and longevity.


  • Expensive price point
  • Requires professional installation

Heading: “Enhancing Ride Quality and Comfort: The Importance of Upgrading Suspension for Harley Touring

When it comes to Harley Touring motorcycles, investing in the best suspension is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The suspension system plays a vital role in ensuring comfort, control, and safety while cruising on long journeys. Riding on bumpy roads or uneven terrain can take a toll on both the rider and the bike, making a high-quality suspension an essential upgrade.

One of the key reasons why people need to buy suspension for their Harley Touring bikes is to enhance the overall riding experience. A top-notch suspension system can absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a more stable and balanced ride. This not only improves comfort for the rider but also reduces fatigue on long trips, allowing for a more enjoyable adventure on the road.

Moreover, a good suspension setup can significantly improve handling and control, especially when navigating through corners or challenging road conditions. It helps maintain proper traction and stability, enhancing the bike’s performance and responsiveness. This means greater confidence for the rider and a safer riding experience overall.

In conclusion, investing in the best suspension for Harley Touring motorcycles is a wise choice for riders looking to elevate their riding experience. A quality suspension system offers improved comfort, control, and safety, making it an essential upgrade for those who seek a smoother and more enjoyable journey on their beloved Harley Touring bike.

Navigating the Options: A Buying Guide for Harley Touring Suspension

To choose the best suspension for your Harley Touring bike, several essential factors must be taken into consideration. From understanding your riding style and needs to exploring different suspension types, selecting the right setup can significantly enhance your overall riding experience. In this buying guide, we will cover the key aspects to consider when navigating the various suspension options available for Harley Touring motorcycles.

Type Of Riding (Long-Distance Touring, Cruising, Etc.)

Considering the type of riding is crucial when choosing suspension for Harley touring as it directly impacts the rider’s comfort and handling characteristics. Long-distance touring necessitates a suspension setup that provides stability, smoothness, and endurance for extended journeys, while cruising demands a balance between comfort and responsiveness for leisurely rides. By aligning the suspension system with the intended riding style, riders can optimize their overall experience on the road, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This factor is essential in enhancing performance and satisfaction during Harley touring adventures.

Weight Capacity Of The Suspension

Considering the weight capacity of the suspension for a Harley Touring is crucial for ensuring a safe and optimal riding experience. The weight capacity determines how much weight the suspension can support and effectively manage, which directly impacts the stability and performance of the bike. Overloading the suspension beyond its weight capacity can lead to poor handling, bottoming out, reduced comfort, and even safety risks. By selecting a suspension system with a suitable weight capacity that matches the rider’s weight, passengers, and luggage, one can enhance the overall riding dynamics, maintain control on various road conditions, and prolong the lifespan of the suspension components.

Adjustability Of The Suspension

Consider the adjustability of the suspension when choosing one for your Harley touring bike to ensure a custom riding experience. With adjustable suspension, you can fine-tune the settings to suit your specific riding style, weight, and road conditions. This enables you to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and performance, making your rides smooth and enjoyable. An adjustable suspension also allows you to easily make changes as needed, whether you’re riding solo or with a passenger, or switching between highways and rough terrains. Ultimately, having adjustable suspension ensures optimal handling and control, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Material And Construction Quality

Choosing high-quality suspension for Harley touring is essential for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The material and construction quality of the suspension components directly impact their durability, performance, and overall reliability. Opting for superior materials and solid construction ensures that the suspension can withstand the challenges of long rides, various road conditions, and the weight of the bike. This results in better handling, improved comfort, and enhanced stability, ultimately enhancing the rider’s safety and satisfaction. Prioritizing material and construction quality when selecting suspension for Harley touring guarantees a long-lasting and high-performing upgrade for your bike.

Compatibility With The Specific Harley Touring Model

Choosing suspension that is compatible with the specific Harley Touring model is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. Each Harley Touring model may have different specifications and requirements, and using suspension that is not designed for your bike may result in poor handling, uncomfortable rides, and even safety hazards. By selecting suspension that is specifically made for your Harley Touring model, you can ensure proper fitment, improved ride quality, and better control over your motorcycle. This factor is essential in enhancing your riding experience and getting the most out of your Harley Touring bike.

Suspension Tuning Tips For Harley Touring Bikes

In this section, we will delve into valuable suspension tuning tips specifically tailored for Harley Touring bikes. Proper suspension tuning is crucial for optimizing the performance, comfort, and handling of your Harley Touring motorcycle. By understanding and implementing the following tips, riders can enhance their overall riding experience.

Firstly, adjusting the sag of the suspension is fundamental. This involves setting the proper amount of preload on the front forks and rear shocks to achieve the ideal suspension travel when the rider is seated on the bike. Correct sag settings ensure optimal suspension performance and responsiveness to varying road conditions.

Next, damping adjustments play a vital role in fine-tuning the suspension. Riders should adjust compression and rebound damping settings based on their riding style, road conditions, and load capacity. Finding the right balance between comfort and control through damping adjustments can significantly improve ride quality.

Additionally, experimenting with different suspension settings and keeping a record of changes and their effects can help riders pinpoint the optimal setup for their specific needs. It is recommended to make incremental adjustments and test ride the bike to feel the differences before making further changes.

By following these suspension tuning tips, Harley Touring riders can customize their bike’s suspension to suit their preferences and achieve a smooth, stable, and enjoyable ride on various terrains.

Importance Of Upgrading Your Harley’S Suspension

Upgrading your Harley’s suspension is crucial for enhancing your riding experience and overall safety. The factory suspension systems on most Harley Touring bikes are often designed to provide a balance of comfort and performance. However, as you spend more time on the road, you may begin to notice limitations, such as bottoming out on bumps, reduced stability during cornering, or excessive vibration.

By investing in a high-quality suspension upgrade, you can tailor your bike’s ride characteristics to your specific preferences and riding style. Upgraded suspension components, such as shocks and fork cartridges, can offer improved ride quality, increased comfort on long rides, better handling through corners, and enhanced stability at higher speeds. These upgrades are particularly beneficial for riders who carry additional weight from passengers or luggage, as they help maintain proper ride height and balance.

Not only does upgrading your Harley’s suspension enhance rider comfort and performance, but it also contributes to overall safety on the road. A well-tuned suspension system can provide better control and responsiveness, reducing the risk of accidents and improving your ability to navigate varying road conditions confidently. Whether you’re a casual rider or a dedicated tourer, a suspension upgrade can make a significant difference in your Harley Touring bike’s performance and your overall riding enjoyment.

Common Issues With Stock Harley Touring Suspensions

Stock Harley Touring suspensions are known to have some common issues that riders often encounter. One prevalent issue is the stiffness and lack of adjustability in the stock suspensions. This can result in a harsh ride, especially over rough terrain or long distances, leading to rider fatigue and discomfort.

Another common issue is bottoming out, where the suspension fully compresses, causing a jarring sensation and potentially compromising the overall control and stability of the motorcycle. This can be particularly problematic for riders who carry passengers or heavy loads on their touring bikes.

Furthermore, some riders find that the stock suspensions do not adequately address damping characteristics, leading to excessive bouncing or lack of responsiveness during cornering or braking. This can hinder the overall handling and performance of the bike, impacting the riding experience.

Overall, while stock Harley Touring suspensions may suffice for casual riders or short trips, they often fall short in terms of comfort, adjustability, and performance for those who seek a smoother, more controlled ride. Considering these common issues can help riders make an informed decision when upgrading their suspensions for a more enjoyable touring experience.


What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Suspension For A Harley Touring Bike?

When selecting a suspension for a Harley touring bike, key factors to consider include the type of riding you do, such as long-distance highway cruising or more aggressive cornering on twisty roads. Additionally, weight capacity is crucial to ensure the suspension can handle the load of both the rider and any luggage. Adjustability of the suspension system is also important, allowing for personalized comfort and handling characteristics. Lastly, durability and maintenance requirements should be considered to ensure the suspension can withstand the demands of touring without constant upkeep.

How Do I Determine The Right Suspension Setup For My Specific Riding Style And Preferences?

To determine the right suspension setup for your riding style and preferences, start by considering your weight, riding terrain, and desired level of comfort and performance. Consult your bike’s manual for recommended settings as a starting point. Experiment with adjustments such as air pressure, compression, and rebound to find the right balance between comfort and control. It may take some trial and error to fine-tune your suspension settings to achieve the best ride quality for your individual needs. Regularly test different setups to ensure optimal performance on your rides.

Can Upgrading The Suspension On My Harley Touring Bike Improve Riding Comfort And Performance?

Upgrading the suspension on your Harley touring bike can significantly improve both riding comfort and performance. A more advanced suspension system will provide better shock absorption, leading to a smoother ride and reduced fatigue on long trips. It can also enhance handling and stability, especially when cornering or riding on uneven terrain, resulting in a more enjoyable and safer riding experience overall. Investing in a high-quality suspension upgrade can greatly enhance the performance and comfort of your Harley touring bike.

Are There Any Recommended Aftermarket Suspension Brands Or Kits For Harley Touring Motorcycles?

Some popular aftermarket suspension brands for Harley touring motorcycles include Ohlins, Progressive Suspension, and Legend Suspensions. These brands offer high-quality suspension kits designed to improve ride comfort, handling, and overall performance of the bike. Riders often praise the adjustability and durability of these aftermarket suspension options, making them a recommended choice for those looking to upgrade their Harley touring motorcycle’s suspension system.

How Difficult Is It To Install A New Suspension System On A Harley Touring Bike, And Are There Any Special Tools Required?

Installing a new suspension system on a Harley touring bike can be a moderately difficult task, primarily due to the weight and complexity of the bike. While experienced DIY enthusiasts may be able to tackle the job, it is recommended to have a professional mechanic perform the installation to ensure it is done correctly. Specialized tools such as a motorcycle lift, suspension spring compressor, and various wrenches and sockets are typically required for this task, making it a more challenging project for beginners.

Final Thoughts

In the world of Harley Touring, having the best suspension can make all the difference in your riding experience. By investing in the right suspension system for your Harley, you are not only ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride, but also enhancing your bike’s performance and handling capabilities. With a variety of top-rated suspension options available on the market, riders have the opportunity to choose the best suspension for Harley touring that suits their unique preferences and riding style. Upgrade your Harley’s suspension today to elevate your riding adventures to a whole new level of comfort and control.

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