Best Sealer for Cedar Posts: Enhance and Protect Your Outdoor Wood

Cedar posts are not only beautiful but also durable additions to any outdoor space. To preserve their natural beauty and longevity, finding the best sealer for cedar posts is essential. A high-quality sealer not only protects the wood from harsh weather elements but also enhances its overall appearance. In this comprehensive guide, we review top-rated sealers tailored for cedar posts, offering insights to help you make an informed decision on selecting the best sealer for cedar posts that will keep your outdoor structures looking vibrant and protected for years to come.

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Understanding Sealer for Cedar Posts

Sealing cedar posts is essential for preserving their natural beauty and extending their lifespan. Cedar is a popular choice for outdoor projects such as fences, decks, and pergolas due to its natural resistance to decay and insects. However, exposure to the elements can cause cedar to weather and lose its luster over time. By applying a sealer specifically designed for cedar, you can protect the wood from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can lead to deterioration.

Cedar sealers come in various formulations, including water-based and oil-based options. Water-based sealers are eco-friendly and dry quickly, making them easy to apply. They provide a clear finish that allows the natural beauty of cedar to shine through. Oil-based sealers penetrate deeper into the wood, offering enhanced protection against moisture and UV damage. Some sealers also contain additives like mildewcides and UV inhibitors for added durability.

Before applying a sealer to cedar posts, it is important to properly clean and prepare the wood surface. Remove any dirt, debris, and previous coatings to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer. Apply the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, typically using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Allow the sealer to dry completely between coats for optimal protection. Regular maintenance and reapplication of sealer as needed will help keep cedar posts looking beautiful and protected for years to come.

Best Sealer For Cedar Posts

01. Ready Seal 512 Pail Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Enhance your outdoor wood surfaces with Ready Seal 512 Pail Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer. This product is a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its easy application and quick drying time make it a convenient choice for any project. The rich color options and seamless blending with wood grain result in a professional finish every time.

Not only does Ready Seal 512 add a beautiful aesthetic to your wood surfaces, but it also provides long-lasting protection from the elements. With its durable formula, this stain and sealer combo ensures your wood stays looking fresh and protects it from UV rays and moisture damage. Say goodbye to frequent reapplications and hello to a low-maintenance yet high-quality solution for your exterior wood staining needs.


  • Easy application
  • Enhances wood grain
  • UV protection
  • Long-lasting
  • No need for primer
  • No lap marks


  • Limited color options available.
  • High initial cost compared to other wood stains.

02. Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector

Enhance the beauty and longevity of your outdoor wood with Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector. This powerful formula provides a durable, breathable barrier that protects against UV damage, water damage, and mildew growth. Easy to apply, it penetrates deep into the wood to resist peeling and fading, keeping your deck or furniture looking great for years to come.

With its natural finish that showcases the wood’s natural grain and color, Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain the authentic look of their wooden surfaces. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this product delivers reliable protection and performance for all your outdoor wood projects.


  • Provides advanced waterproofing protection for wood surfaces.
  • Prevents damage from UV rays, mildew, and water penetration.
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain.
  • Durable and long-lasting formula.
  • Easy to apply and fast-drying.


  • Limited color options available.
  • May require reapplication sooner than other wood protectors.

03. Olympic Stain Clear Wood Sealer

Enhance the beauty of your wood surfaces with Olympic Stain Clear Wood Sealer. This high-quality sealer offers effective protection against moisture, mildew, and UV damage, ensuring a long-lasting finish that withstands the elements. Its clear formula allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through, providing a sleek and glossy look that enhances the overall appearance of your project.

Easy to apply and quick-drying, this wood sealer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for all your sealing needs. Say goodbye to weathering and discoloration – with Olympic Stain Clear Wood Sealer, your wood surfaces will maintain their integrity and beauty for years to come.


  • Protects wood from UV damage and graying
  • Water-resistant formula
  • Enhances and preserves wood’s natural beauty
  • Easy to apply and fast-drying
  • Provides long-lasting durability


  • Require frequent reapplication
  • May darken wood slightly
  • Can be expensive for larger projects

04. Tall Earth ECO-Safe Wood Treatment Stain and Sealer

Rejuvenate your outdoor wood surfaces with Tall Earth ECO-Safe Wood Treatment Stain and Sealer. This eco-friendly solution effortlessly enhances the natural beauty of wood while providing reliable protection against the elements. The easy application and long-lasting results make it a top choice for environmentally conscious homeowners looking to preserve and beautify their decks, fences, and furniture.

With its non-toxic formula and impressive performance, this product is a standout in the world of wood treatments. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a safe and effective solution for all your wood sealing needs. Invest in Tall Earth ECO-Safe Wood Treatment Stain and Sealer for a sustainable and stunning finish every time.


  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Non-toxic
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy application
  • Enhances natural wood color


  • May take longer to dry compared to traditional wood stains.
  • Some users report that the stain does not cover imperfections in the wood well.

05. DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Water-Based Sealer

A game-changer for outdoor wood projects, DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Water-Based Sealer offers unrivaled protection and longevity. Its advanced formula provides deep penetration to shield against UV damage, water, and mold growth, ensuring your wood surfaces stay pristine for years to come. Easy application and quick drying time make this sealer a joy to use for both professionals and DIYers.

With a wide range of vibrant colors available, DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Water-Based Sealer not only safeguards but also enhances the natural beauty of wooded areas. The result is a well-protected, visually stunning outdoor space that will make your woodwork stand out and withstand the elements effortlessly.


  • Long-lasting protection against UV rays.
  • Water-based formula for easy application and cleanup.
  • Resists mold and mildew growth.
  • Enhances wood’s natural grain and beauty.
  • Low VOC content for eco-friendly use.


  • May require multiple coats for optimal protection.
  • Limited availability of color options compared to oil-based stains.

Protecting Your Investment: Why Sealing Cedar Posts Is Essential

Cedar posts are a popular choice for outdoor structures like fences, decks, and pergolas due to their natural beauty and durability. However, cedar wood is susceptible to damage from weather elements, UV rays, and moisture. This vulnerability makes it essential for people to buy a sealer for cedar posts to protect and prolong the lifespan of their outdoor structures.

The best sealer for cedar posts helps in preventing cracking, warping, and rotting of the wood. By creating a protective barrier, the sealer repels water and shields the cedar from sun damage, preventing discoloration and decay. This ensures that the cedar posts remain strong and sturdy for years to come.

Furthermore, using a sealer on cedar posts enhances the wood’s natural characteristics, such as its rich color and grain patterns. The sealer not only provides protection but also accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the cedar, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Investing in the best sealer for cedar posts is a cost-effective way to maintain and preserve the beauty and structural integrity of outdoor cedar structures. With proper sealing, cedar posts can withstand the elements and maintain their original charm for an extended period, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Choosing the Right Sealer for Your Cedar Posts

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your cedar posts, selecting the appropriate sealer is paramount. Consider factors such as UV protection, water resistance, ease of application, and the desired finish. Each plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness and durability of the sealer on your cedar posts.

Uv Protection

Choosing a sealer for cedar posts with UV protection is crucial to maintaining the wood’s natural beauty and durability. Cedar is susceptible to damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight, leading to discoloration, fading, and degradation. UV protection in a sealer helps shield the wood from harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing premature weathering and extending the lifespan of the cedar posts. By selecting a sealer specifically formulated to block UV rays, you can preserve the rich color and integrity of the cedar, ensuring that your posts remain strong, vibrant, and resistant to sun-induced damage for years to come.

Moisture Resistance

Choosing a sealer with high moisture resistance for cedar posts is crucial as it helps protect the wood from damage caused by water absorption. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot, but prolonged exposure to moisture can still lead to warping, splitting, and mold growth. A sealer with strong moisture resistance will create a barrier that prevents water from penetrating the wood, thus prolonging the lifespan of the cedar posts. By considering this factor, one can ensure that their cedar posts remain strong and durable even in wet and humid conditions, ultimately saving them time and money on maintenance.

Non-Toxic Formula

One should consider a non-toxic formula when choosing a sealer for cedar posts because it helps ensure that the environment and surrounding vegetation are not harmed by potentially harmful chemicals. Cedar posts are often used in outdoor settings, such as fencing or landscaping, where they come into contact with soil, plants, and water. Using a non-toxic formula not only promotes a healthier ecosystem but also reduces the risk of chemicals leaching into the ground and affecting wildlife. Additionally, a non-toxic sealer is safer for those applying it, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful fumes or skin irritation.


Choosing a sealer for cedar posts with longevity in mind ensures lasting protection against weathering and decay. Cedar is naturally durable, but exposure to elements can still cause it to deteriorate over time. A high-quality sealer can extend the lifespan of cedar posts by forming a barrier that shields against moisture, UV rays, and fungi. Opting for a sealer known for its longevity means less frequent reapplication and maintenance, saving time and money in the long run. Prioritizing durability in a sealer contributes to the overall health and beauty of cedar posts, preserving their natural aesthetics for years to come.

Ease Of Application

Choosing a sealer for cedar posts involves considering various factors, and ease of application is crucial. With cedar’s natural properties, it is important to protect it with a sealer efficiently and effectively. A sealer that is easy to apply will not only save time but also ensure that the cedar posts receive a consistent and adequate coating for optimal protection against the elements. An easy application process can also result in a more uniform finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the cedar posts. Therefore, considering the ease of application when selecting a sealer can lead to better results and long-lasting protection for the wood.

Benefits Of Using A Sealer On Cedar Posts

Applying a sealer to cedar posts offers a multitude of benefits that can extend the lifespan and enhance the appearance of your outdoor wood structures. One key advantage is the protection it provides against elements such as sunlight, moisture, and temperature variations. By creating a barrier, the sealer helps prevent the wood from warping, cracking, and fading over time.

Additionally, using a sealer on cedar posts can inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and algae, which are common issues in outdoor environments. This not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of the wood but also contributes to its structural integrity by reducing the risk of decay or rot. Sealing also helps to repel insects and pests that may cause damage to the wood, offering a further layer of defense.

Furthermore, a quality sealer can enrich the natural beauty of cedar wood, enhancing its color and grain patterns. This results in a more visually pleasing finish that can complement your outdoor space and add to its overall appeal. By preserving the wood’s natural characteristics, the sealer helps maintain the authenticity and charm of cedar posts, making them a lasting and attractive feature in your outdoor setting.

Tips For Properly Applying Sealant To Cedar Posts

Proper application of sealant is crucial for ensuring the longevity and appearance of cedar posts. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface of the cedar posts to remove any dirt, debris, or previous finish. Sanding the posts lightly can help ensure a smooth and even application of sealant.

When applying the sealant, use a brush or roller to ensure even coverage on all sides of the cedar post. Pay special attention to the end grains, as they are more prone to moisture absorption. Apply the sealant in thin, even coats, allowing each coat to fully dry before applying the next one.

Choose a high-quality sealant specifically designed for cedar wood to provide optimal protection against moisture, UV rays, and mold. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the number of coats needed and the drying time between coats. Properly cured sealant will enhance the natural beauty of the cedar posts while protecting them from the elements.

Regular maintenance, such as reapplication of sealant every few years, will help maintain the integrity and appearance of the cedar posts. By following these tips for properly applying sealant to cedar posts, you can ensure their longevity and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Sealing Cedar Posts

One common mistake to avoid when sealing cedar posts is neglecting proper surface preparation. Failing to clean and dry the wood thoroughly before applying the sealer can result in poor adhesion and ineffective protection. It is crucial to remove any dirt, grime, or old sealant from the surface to ensure the new sealer can penetrate and bond effectively with the cedar.

Another mistake to steer clear of is using the wrong type of sealer for cedar wood. Not all sealers are designed for use on cedar, and using a generic or inappropriate product can lead to issues like discoloration, uneven coverage, or premature wear. Make sure to choose a high-quality sealer specifically formulated for cedar posts to achieve optimal results.

Overapplication of sealer is a common error that can actually do more harm than good. Applying too much sealer can lead to a thick, gummy finish that won’t dry properly, trapping moisture and causing the wood to rot over time. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended application instructions and avoid excess sealer buildup for a long-lasting protective finish on your cedar posts.

Lastly, rushing the sealing process is a mistake that can compromise the effectiveness of the sealer. Allow ample time for the sealer to properly cure and dry between coats, following the recommended drying times to ensure optimal protection for your cedar posts. Patience is key when it comes to sealing cedar properly.


What Is The Best Type Of Sealer For Protecting Cedar Posts?

The best type of sealer for protecting cedar posts is a penetrating oil-based sealer. These sealers penetrate deep into the wood fibers, providing excellent protection against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental elements. Look for a sealer specifically designed for cedar wood to ensure the best results.

Another option is a clear sealer with UV inhibitors, which will help prevent the cedar from graying over time. Whichever type you choose, make sure to apply the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions for long-lasting protection of your cedar posts.

How Often Should Cedar Posts Be Sealed To Maintain Their Longevity?

Cedar posts should be sealed every 1-2 years to maintain their longevity. Sealing helps protect the wood from moisture, sunlight, and other environmental factors that can cause decay and deterioration. Regularly sealing cedar posts will help preserve their natural beauty and structural integrity for many years to come.

Are There Any Specific Features To Look For When Choosing A Sealer For Cedar Posts?

When choosing a sealer for cedar posts, look for a product specifically designed for outdoor use and suitable for cedar wood. Opt for a sealer that contains UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage and prevent discoloration. Water repellent properties are also important to protect the cedar posts from moisture and decay, ensuring longevity and durability. Additionally, consider a sealer that provides mold and mildew resistance to maintain the appearance of the cedar posts over time.

Can Cedar Posts Be Stained After Applying A Sealer For Added Protection And Aesthetic Appeal?

Yes, cedar posts can be stained after applying a sealer for added protection and aesthetic appeal. The sealer acts as a barrier to protect the wood from moisture and sun damage, while the stain provides color and further protection against the elements. Make sure to allow the sealer to fully cure before applying the stain to ensure the best results. Additionally, choose a stain that is compatible with the type of sealer used for optimal adhesion and longevity of the finish.

Is It Necessary To Prep Cedar Posts Before Applying A Sealer, And If So, What Is The Process?

Yes, it is necessary to prep cedar posts before applying a sealer to ensure better adhesion and longevity of the finish. The process includes cleaning the posts with a mild detergent solution and allowing them to dry completely. Sanding the surface lightly will help remove any imperfections and open up the pores of the wood for better penetration of the sealer. Finally, wipe down the posts to remove any dust before applying the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This prep work will ensure the sealer adheres well and provides maximum protection for the cedar posts.

Final Thoughts

In selecting the best sealer for cedar posts, it is crucial to consider not just the product’s protective qualities but also its compatibility with the environment and ease of application. By investing in a high-quality sealer specifically designed for cedar, such as our top recommendations outlined in this guide, you can prolong the lifespan and maintain the natural beauty of your cedar posts. Remember, the best sealer for cedar posts is the one that offers long-lasting protection and enhances the wood’s durability, ensuring your outdoor structures remain pristine for years to come.

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